Web Design and Development

We can provide all aspects of web design and development from the initial registration of your domain name to an entire site design and development, including integration with a database, building an on-line store, search engine submission, maintenance and ongoing support. We can also modify or maintain an existing site that has already been designed and developed. When your website is complete, we will still be there to maintain and support the site, if you desire, or we can train you to maintain and update it yourself.

We are able to provide a full range of web design and development services. Below is listed a sampling of the services that we can provide:




Website Design

- Navigation design
- Information architecture
- Logo creation
- Site layout and consistency
- Digital imaging
- Product photography
- Graphic and copy layout


- Domain name registration
- Search engine submission
- E-mail campaigns

Writer and Copyeditor

- Technical Writing
- Writing Marketing Materials
- Writing Company Profiles/Biographies
- Copyediting

Ecommerce Solutions

- Ecommerce development
- Database development
- Backend programming
- Store management
- Product search capabilities
- Payment processing setup

Web Utilities

- Page counter
- Guestbook
- Statistics
- E-mail capture


- Community building infrastructure
- Forms




Website Hosting

We have our own servers which means that we can host your website for you or we can help you find another hosting company of your choice. We run the Linux operating system and our servers are extremely stable.

If you host with us, we can provide the following services:


    - Website statistics, including  
  - Who is visiting your site
- Where are they coming from - search engine or url
- What pages are they visiting
- What country are they visiting from
    - email addresses (yourname@yourdomain.com)
- email aliases